About Us

  1. FIJI WATER. I know hydration is key to . . . well, just  about everything so I give myself points for at least carrying this around.
  2. LOOP WITH LEATHER CASE.  My Tool-of-the-Trade. Always wished there was one  for people. You would hold one up and see the true nature of a person. I guess it’s more fun figuring that out.
  3. iPHONE. Email, talk, listen, text . . . My Lifeline.
  4. PHOTO. My Inspiration. Grandson Zander.
  5. A MERE 152 CTS OF GOLDEN BERYLAND AND 18k GOLD.  My Handy-Work. Have these on-the-ready so that I always feel pretty.
    Brillant read! You never know when you might have  an unexpected wait. My Time Killer.
  7. RAY BANS. My kids bought me cause they think my $5.00 street vendor glasses are an embarrassment.
  8. DIOR EYELASH BASE. These two are the dynamic  duo for lashes.
  9. DAMONE ROBERT’S UNDER BROW HIGHLIGHTER.  Damone Robert is the guru of brows. I am a believer.
  10. NARS LIPSTICK. Like a true Designer, this  changes as does my mood.
  11. COLORED PENS, SKETCH TABLET. Must haves  for when inspiration strikes.
  12. 8CT RAW RUBY EARRINGS, 14KT. Of course I  fall in love with every (handmade) piece in my  jewelry line, but these are special.
  13. KEYS WITH BELL. Ring-a-bling-bling! Could  NEVER find my keys and now I can. My Solution.
  14. SHELLS TO BE CAST AS CLASPS. Some days  these shells are the only things that remind that I  live near the beach. Gotta stop carrying shells and start making more time to visit the beach!!
  15. “COCO” CHANEL PERFUME. My Classic. As long as I have my “Coco” and my 152cts of Golden Beryl necklace I am ready for anything! You would be too.
  16. TORY BURCH WALLET. Am very much a fan of  Tory Burch’s design philosophy. My Designer Something.
  17. ALLIGATOR PURSE 1960s. Is there anything better than Alligator? Yes, vintage Alligator. I love this bag! It’s a bit Holly Golightly, maybe that’s why I use it everyday . . . That, and it compliments my  pearl and dangling amethyst bracelet perfectly.