Amethyst necklaces, with 22 kt, 14 kt, 18 kt

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Three separate amethyst, pearl, agate, gold and sterling necklace that can be strung together as 168″ of glorious purple glow. The two bracelets can be attached to the necklace for another 15″ of extravagance. There are also agate and 20 kt plus 14 kt earrings. String it together to take over a room when you enter or wear the pieces separately. There is nothing close to this OHara’s Fine Jewelry creation. If you want to be noticed this is the jewelry for you.


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Amethyst. gold , agate, pearls, sterling joined together in a purple masterpiece. 168″ of gems to grace your neck or break up the piece into 47.5″ or 68″s or 24.5″s plus bracelets and earrings. This is extravagance and elegance you’ll use forever. I adore this piece.


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